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Archive: 2015

Groundhog Day

Dealing with a cut to the Lifetime Allowance (LTA) may seem a little like ‘Groundhog Day’ – we’ve been here before in 2014 and 2012. But each subsequent cut brings the impact more and more into the mainstream – affecting an increasing number of our clients. Aside from the fundamental ‘protect or not’ question, the […]


Start with what we know

Anyone seeking evidence that investment decisions can be hard often needs to look no further than the front page news. China, oil, VW and Glencore are among the assets that have made the headlines in the past few months after suffering sudden, unexpected and dramatic changes in price. Investors with exposure to those volatile assets […]


Sticking with it!

It’s often said that the secret of success in any endeavour is “stickability”, your capacity for staying committed to a goal. But success also depends on having goals you can stick with. Managing that tension is what an adviser does. Inspired by the impressive weight-loss of a work colleague, a portly middle-aged man decides to […]


Which hat are you wearing?

Most of us have multiple roles—as business owners, professionals, workers, consumers, citizens, students, parents and investors. So our views of the world can differ according to whatever hat we’re wearing at any one time. This complexity of people and their range of motivations, depending on their circumstances, highlight the inadequacy of cookie-cutter or automated investment […]


Unhealthy Attachments

Have you ever made yourself suffer through a bad movie because, having paid for the cinema ticket, you felt you had to get your money’s worth? Some people treat investment the same way. Behavioural economists have a name for this tendency of people and organisations to stick with a losing strategy purely on the basis […]


The Patient Principal

Global markets are providing investors a rough ride at the moment, as the focus turns to China’s economic outlook. But while falling markets can be worrisome, maintaining a longer-term perspective makes the volatility easier to handle. A typical response to unsettling markets is an emotional one. We quit risky assets when prices are down and […]


The Hedge Fund vs Warren

OK, we have all heard of hedge funds, but do we know what they are? They are supposed to be the holy grail of investment success, where the best of the best managers mange money for the super wealthy?


The 10 tenets of investing

OK, a little take off from my names sake in the investment world, Warren Buffett, but it’s true, I have listed the 10 most important traits which, when you follow these you will have a better, more enjoyable investment experience!


Welcome and my purpose

Welcome to the first blog posting for LEXO, the online investment site for intelligent investors. As I write this post, I want to set the stage for you to understand why I have created this business.



With investment, your capital is at risk. The value of your portofio with Lexo can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest. It is important that you understand the risks. Lexo aims to provide information to help you make your own informed decision. It does not provide personal advice based on your circumstances. If you are unsure, please seek personal advice from Lexington Wealth.

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