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With Lexo you receive the service and proven investment strategies from multi-award winning wealth manager, Lexington Wealth at your convenience online 24/7 365 days a year.


  • Tailored Portfolios
  • Unrivalled Diversification
  • Low Fees
  • Award Winning Management

When you decide to invest through Lexo,
you do so with the knowledge of:

Academically researched portfolios designed by one of the worlds leading fund management company.

Lexo and their clients have the backing of one of the UK’s leading Chartered Wealth Management firms – Lexington Wealth, we’re by your side all the way.

The key to successful investing is time in the markets, and with Lexo we work with you to stay invested when markets get difficult giving you regular access to the intelligent investor update.

To keep your portfolios aligned, we automatically rebalance your portfolios so you don’t have to.

Market competing low fees meaning you keep more of your returns, without sacrificing on quality and service.

Online for your convenience, we like to think of ourselves as a full service investment firm, ensuring you get access to the best solutions at your convenience.


We provide simplicity, discipline and security when an investor doesn’t want to travel the do-it-yourself path or be sold ‘the next best fund’. This is achieved through efficient, risk-calibrated portfolios.

We build investment portfolios backed by years of Nobel Prize-winning research, with an asset allocation that offers you the highest potential return for the lowest risk, while keeping fees to a minimum. Our portfolios aim to provide the best investor experience.

Lexo provides you with online access to some of the best advancements in investment science whilst keeping you in control of your money with transparency and access.

Lexington Wealth was founded by multi award winning, Chartered Wealth Manager Warren Shute Msc. CFP in 2005.

Since 2014 Lexo provides it’s investors, with the aid of Nobel Prize-winning research, 10 asset-backed, risk-rated Dimensional Fund Advisers’ portfolios that comprise of equity (stock market)-based funds specially targeted towards smaller companies, value companies and profitable companies to optimise your returns.

Lexo balance this with our targeted fixed interest (bond) funds, with a focus on shorter to medium-term duration maturities to reduce your portfolio volatility.