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We build online investment portfolios with various degrees of risk and expected returns, and express these variables in simple terms that are easy to understand when self-investing.

You need no prior experience of investing to succeed with Lexo. We make intelligent investing simple.


Investing is the process of putting your hard earned savings to work for you, allowing the growth to compound, over time to produce you a critical mass of capital or money. I think it was Albert Einstein who said that Compound Growth is the 8th wonder of the world, he who understands it earns it, he who doesn’t pays it!

But like most things in life, there are good and bad ways to invest! When you invest through Lexo, you stand on the shoulders of giants, people who have spent their entire working life researching and understanding why and how the stock markets work. People who have won nobel prizes for the work they have done.

At Lexo we believe capitalism works and by buying into the stock market, you buy a slice of some of the world’s greatest companies and therefore are able to participate in the profits of the companies, in the long term these companies rise, due to the added value the profits generate, however in the short-term the market is affected by the news and political events that occur.

We invest in the world stock markets, choosing to accept the return of the market rather than paying a city fund manager high feeds to try and beat the market. Why, because this is what the overwhelming research tells us is right!

When investing, diversification is your friend, what I mean by that is that we like to buy more companies to spread your risk. At Lexo, your portfolio is likely to have in excess of 10,000 individual investments, this is probably to be more than 10 times you will find elsewhere.

We get our returns from the stock market, but the stock market has an unstable personality! Benjamin Graham, the teacher of the great investor Warren Buffett referred to this personality as Mr Market – hence the fluctuations in market price. Now if falls in the market scare or worry you, you really need to dilute this risk – because this will happen and you will only achieve a successful experience by remaining invested.

We reduce the risk within our portfolios by offering you, a range of portfolios from full market exposure and hence higher volatility/risk to a portfolio with only 10% stock market exposure which offers a much lower risk, more stable return.

A successful investment experience is where an investor has time on their side, when investing, time is your friend, this is why we won’t allow investments for less than a 5 year term, when the market fluctuations occur, you need time to ride this out.


We have 3 different types of investment accounts for you


A General Investment Account (or GIA) is a simple way to hold investments outside of tax wrappers. such as pensions or ISAs. They do not offer tax relief, but have few limitations.

These investments are ideal to utilise your Capital Gains Tax Allowance, for Trusts or if you use a Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs)


We also allow you to consolidate old ISAs/PEPs from other providers.


A personal pension is a type of defined contribution pension. You choose the investment portfolio and make arrangements for your contributions to be paid. If you haven’t got a workplace pension, getting a personal pension could be a good way of saving for retirement.