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We should not rely on past performance when selecting an investment, but it’s human nature to want to know how an investment had performed historically.

Therefore advisers and fund managers have for years provided information about how particular funds have performed, to help you make an assessment of whether it meets your expectations.

At Lexo, we believe that time provides clarity, so the more time, or historical information we can provide, the more clarity one has when making a decision, provided that the historical information is fair.

We therefore provide two sets of data below for you to consider. We use “Live” and “Simulated” data.  Live data is the actual performance of the portfolios.  We also provide Simulated data to provide you with more historical information to allow you to make a more informed decision.  Simulated data does not exactly reflect live data, but offers a fairly good reflection on how the portfolio may have performed historically.  It’s a guide.

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Lexo Core Portfolios Growth of Wealth

Lexo Core Plus Portfolios Growth of Wealth

Lexo Sustainable Portfolios Growth of Wealth