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ISA & Pension Allowance Update

The 2023/24 tax year is now well underway, which means all your various investment allowances have been renewed. Rather than leave it until the last minute, why not take advantage of these allowances ahead of time? If you already know you are going to …

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Dog-tired of poor investment performance?

If you’ve read any financial news in the last couple of weeks, you may be aware – and concerned – that one of the UK’s largest wealth management firms topped the list of underperforming fund managers in the latest Spot the Dog report by Bestinvest.


AI and Investing

If you were to poll strangers on what comes to mind when they hear the term AI (artificial intelligence), I suspect the two most likely answers would be Skynet or ChatGPT. The generative chat program launched in 2022 seems to have drawn …


Harry Markowitz, Nobel-Winning Pioneer of Modern Portfolio Theory, Dies at 95

Harry Markowitz, a giant in modern finance, passed away last week. In 1952, while sitting in the University of Chicago library, he had a lightbulb moment: Investors should be concerned about the uncertainty, risk, or standard deviation of their in …

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Silicon Valley Bank – What happened?

You may have noticed in the news the failure of Silicon Valley Bank, in America. We wanted to share our thoughts explaining what happened recently and what we think the implications and fallout are going to be in the coming weeks.

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Pay any gaps in your NIC before the extension ends

Due to an HMRC extension, you currently have an opportunity to pay any gaps in your National Insurance Contribution (NIC) record as far back as 2006. This opportunity will END on 5 April 2023, and after that, you will only be able to go back six years. …

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Inheritance Tax Allowances for Gifting

The Autumn 2022 budget confirmed both the Nil Rate Band (NRB) and Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB) will be frozen at a combined total of up to £500,000 per person until 2028. What are the various available gifting allowances?

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Bonus Vs Dividends

Being a director/shareholder offers the luxury of designing your own remuneration structure to best suit your finances and minimise your tax bill.

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How will the changes in inflation affect your investing?

With inflation all over the news of late, we figured we should offer our thoughts on the matter. However, there has been plenty of discussion elsewhere on the likely impact on personal finances in general so, rather than add to that debate, this article will focus on the implications in the context of long-term financial planning.


State Pensions – should you buy additional years?

There has been a lot in the press recently about buying additional State pension years – when the New State Pension was introduced in 2016, transitional arrangements were put in place to make it easier to get the full amount, but these arrangements finish soon and action is needed to benefit.


Investing during times of extreme uncertainty

We are living in a time of extreme uncertainty and the anxiety that comes along with it. Against the backdrop of war, humanitarian crisis, and economic hardship, it’s natural to wonder what effect these world events will have on our long-term investment performance.

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Should I be changing my portfolio considering the news?

Is rising inflation and Russia’s invasion a negative for equity investors? Do large losses in a handful of popular stocks signal a downturn ahead for the broad market?