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If you’ve changed jobs multiple times, you may have multiple pensions. This can make it difficult to track your retirement savings, especially if you’ve moved house.

Combining your pensions into one pot can make it easier to see how much income you’re likely to have in retirement and make any necessary changes to get you on track. Transferring your pensions to a Lexo personal pension can give you the visibility and peace of mind you need to know your retirement plans are on track.

Why consolidate your pensions to Lexo?

Control your risk

Choose your pension risk profile to align with your retirement goals.

Your pension risk profile is a measure of how much investment risk you are willing to take with your pension savings.


You’ll have a clear overview of your pension savings in one place. This will make it easier to track your progress towards your retirement goals.

With just one pot to manage, you can save time and hassle. You’ll only need to remember one set of login details and keep track of one set of paperwork.

Award-winning management

Lexo is back by multi award-winning wealth management firm, Lexington Wealth.  With Lexo you receive the backing of a full service wealth management firm, with online access 24/7 365 days a year.

Consolidate your pensions with Lexo

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