Do you need your money to work harder for your Retirement?, Future?, Children?, Lifestyle?


What type of investor are you?

Because no two investors are alike, Lexo offers a range of portfolios to choose from, each designed with an optimal asset allocation based on varying levels of risk. Your tolerance to risk and your investment goals – desired returns – determine the investment strategy you should follow.

Risk vs Reward

Risk and return are related to the extent that it is not possible to achieve a higher investment return without taking more investment risk. Many investors are guided by their “risk appetite” – that is, how much investment risk they are prepared to tolerate.

But taking too little investment risk is risky in itself – the danger being that your assets will not grow enough to meet your investment goals. A trade-off is necessary to achieve a balance between taking enough risk to achieve your goals, while not being reckless: the timeless ‘risk vs reward’ scenario.

Determining your appetite for risk

Some of the key factors to consider in deciding what kind of investor you are include:

Time Horizon and Liquidity Needs

How soon might you need to withdraw money from your investments? The longer an investor holds onto a risky asset, the lower the chance of obtaining poor cumulative returns is likely to be.

Attitude to Risk

What is your aversion or attraction to risk when risk is defined as “the possibility of loss”?

Net Worth

Generally speaking, the more assets an investor has in reserve, the higher their capacity for risk.

Income and Savings Rate

How much can you save? In the same way that greater wealth enables a greater appetite for risk, so too does being able to put more aside regularly.

Investment Knowledge

How good is your understanding of the investment you are making and how it behaves over time?

Your investment goals

What are you looking to achieve through your investment?


Whether you are saving for retirement, your family or just for the future, we are here to support you in your quest to grow your savings. Whether this is via a Pension, ISA or General Investment Account, we have the solutions to help your capital grow.

Distribution portfolios  

If you’ve reached the time of your life where you now require an income taken from your pension and/or portfolio, you can draw down on your nest egg and enjoy better odds of long-term portfolio survival.


If you hold the fiduciary responsibilities of a Trust fund, then Lexo is the ideal solution to manage the assets and maximise your gains.


Each investor has their own financial situations, investment time horizon, funding strategy, investment experience, tax status, risk tolerances, goals, and other life circumstances going on. Once you’ve considered yours, research our four online wealth management strategies that will guide you to the right portfolio – for you.


With investment, your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio with Lexo can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest. It is important that you understand the risks. Lexo aims to provide information to help you make your own informed decision. It does not provide personal advice based on your circumstances. If you are unsure, please seek personal advice from Lexington Wealth.

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